My New Book: “Black Rock via Beach Boys vs Beatlemania = Sixties Music”

In celebrity, history, music on October 21, 2011 at 10:11 pm

MichaelJasboy284My new book is due out before Christmas — this Xmas, 2011 [CORRECTION: Xmas 2013]. Entitled “Black Rock via Beach Boys vs Beatlemania = Sixties Music”, it is an ebook distributed by — The price hasn’t been set yet, but should be way affordable for all you rockers interested in reading over 600 pages (over 250,000 words) touching on almost every aspect of the music business in the Sixties. Again, like the previous paperback “Beach Boys vs Beatlemania: Rediscovering Sixties Music” (, 448 pages, publ 2007), it is seen in the context of the Beach Boys vs Beatles debate. The bulk of the original book is still there, and refined. But I’ve added a LOT more (nearly 200 pages) especially on the highly influential and pivotal roles of your favorite neglected African American acts of the Sixties: James Brown, Sam Cooke, Ray Charles, Jackie Wilson, Hank Ballard & the Midniters, the Tokens, the Isley Bros, Chubby Checker, Ike & Tina Turner, Etta James, the Chantels, the Shirelles, the Chiffons, the Crystals, the Ronettes, the New Orleans and Chicago schools, Sly & the Family Stone — and all the VeeJay, Motown, Atlantic stars including Little Esther Phillips, Little Willie John, Jerry Butler, Curtis Mayfield & the Impressions, Bobby Blue Bland and Mercury stars Sarah Vaughan, Brook Benton,Dinah Washington, Timi Yuro.

Don’t miss out on what could be the ONE book on Sixties Music you’ve been wanting.

  1. i’m definitely gona have to get ‘Black Rock…’ – big fan of your writing and this is one of my favourite creative periods in the history of music! thanks for posting.


    • Thanks so much for your comment DjM — Only problem is, I hope you can wait because the book is far from finished. It’s my fault due to my approach to writing. I started out doing just a slightly expanded ebook edition of “Beach Boys vs Beatlemania: Rediscovering Sixties Music”, again to be distributed through — but when I got up to 650 pages (the original was 448) I thought, somethin’s gotta give. Black r&b and Soul became so much part of the book that it deserves to be featured in a second book. So I’m working right now on making it into two books: the ebook edition of “Beach Boys vs Beatlemania” in which I’ve cut some of the distractions and made it a little more central to the point. And the second book on the centality of early Soul Music and Black Rock to Sixties Music — as translated first in watered down form by the Jersey Boys and Beach Boys. This will contain the full chapter on girl groups, some potted biographies of Fifties-Sixties r&b and blues figures like LaVern Baker, Little Willie John, Little Esther Phillips, Ike & Tina Turner and many other mentions of Gene McDaniels, Chuck Jackson, Solomon Burke, Etta James, Bobby Bland and so on. I don’t think this pre-Beatles era of artists, which was almost totally wiped out by the British Invasion, has been given its due among younger generations. I’m only just now learning much of this myself. New Zealand never was a hotbed of Soul when I was growing up — so thank God for Wikipedia and Youtube! I just hope the result doesn’t come across as a learner’s manual, and that you find it worthwhile. Always great to get encouragement from people other than friends or relatives who don’t all read the book but feel they “owe” it to me to praise it. So thanks again.


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